AI в сфері Public Relations

AI в сфері Public Relations

На конференції ICCO, яку нещодавно відвідала в Варшаві, ратифікували етичні принципи використання AI в сфері Public Relations.

Щоб зупинити дискусії етично/неетично, зберігайте собі:

Transparency, Disclosure, and Authenticity: Mandating clear disclosure when generative AI is employed, especially when crafting reality-like content.

Accuracy, Fact-Checking, and Combatting Disinformation: Highlighting the need for rigorous fact-checking, given AI's potential for disseminating misinformation and producing disinformation.

Privacy, Data Protection, and Responsible Sharing: Prioritizing data protection, compliance, and responsible content dissemination.

Bias Detection, Mitigation, and Inclusivity: Advocating for the detection and correction of biases in AI-driven content and the promotion of inclusivity.

Intellectual Property, Copyright Compliance, and Media Literacy: Stressing the respect for intellectual property and copyright laws.

Human Oversight, Intervention, and Collaboration: Reinforcing the necessity of human oversight in AI-powered processes.

Contextual Understanding, Adaptation, and Personalization: Encouraging tailored content approaches for different audiences and channels.

Responsible Automation and Efficiency: Championing AI for efficiency without compromising on ethical standards.

Continuous Monitoring, Evaluation, and Feedback: Advancing continuous assessment and stakeholder engagement for optimal AI use.

Ethical Professional Development, Education, and AI Advocacy: Promoting continuous learning, ethical AI advocacy, and best practice sharing.

І моє улюблене:

AI should complement, not replace, the invaluable expertise, judgment and creativity that PR professionals bring. AI's implications will keep evolving; thus, adaptability and vigilance are paramount.Хтось хоче перекласти на українську? Чи, можливо, вже десь зустрічали переклад?

Запропоновані принципи дуже важливі для PR індустрії, тому хочеться, щоб українські колеги користувалися.

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