Media training

Yuliya Sotska, Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Viseven

Join a session designed to empower participants with essential skills, techniques, and best practices for successfully navigating media interviews.
The webinar is tailored to assist individuals in aligning their responses with journalistic requirements and personal/organizational goals. Going beyond media interactions, the session covers a spectrum of interview scenarios, offering insights into instances where you can effectively capture attention.
Language: English 🇬🇧

What we will cover:

Navigating Different Media Platforms: Adapting for TV, Online, Print, Social, and MoreFamiliarize yourself with diverse press environments, minimizing unexpected challenges and disruptions. Stay focused on your objectives, whether in print, TV, radio, or on the Internet.

Crafting Persuasive Messages and Talking Points: Captivating CommunicationDevelop key messages that are not only compelling but also easy to recall, presenting them in succinct "sound bites." Include supporting information to convey authority and depth of knowledge.

Taking Charge of the Interview: Managing Unfavorable SituationsBe prepared to skillfully guide the conversation back on track if an interviewer tries to veer off course, using effective redirecting techniques.

On-Camera Preparedness & Presentation: Tips for a Successful InterviewConsider your eye contact, posture, movements, and vocal tone. Additionally, discuss appearance guidelines for optimal impact, ensuring you present yourself in the best light on camera.

The ultimate goal is to instill confidence, empowering you to articulate your expertise and viewpoints clearly and convincingly in the media.



Yuliya Sotska

Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Viseven

● Viseven is a MarTech company that works with pharmaceutical and life sciences industries across the world. Viseven clients include the top 100 pharma companies, and her team manages corporate branding, PR including CEO, COO, and CTO personal brands. The company has been featured in prominent Pharma and Life Sciences media like PharmaPhorum, Pharmaceutical Executive, Fierce Pharma, EPM as well as Forbes, Le Monde, and showcased at top industry events like Reuters, Digital Pharma, Collision, Web Summit, Next, Giant Health, Dublin Tech Summit and more.
● Before joining Viseven, Yuliya served as a Senior PR Manager at Taimi, an LGBTQ+ platform, leading its efforts for the worldwide launch. Her contributions secured features in Men’s Health, Vice, Glamour, El Espanol, a UNAIDS partnership, Gay Times, Attitude, Advocate, DIVA, and many other top-tier and niche publications.
● Yuliya transitioned to PR from a television executive at 1+1 Media in Ukraine, where she was the Deputy News Director for the international news division of TSN, where also produced record breaking live broadcasts of the EU-Ukraine visa-free deal, the Royal Wedding, Chornobyl Disaster Anniversary, Independence Day marathon from 6 Ukrainian cities, and live New Year’s Eve show from Sofia Square. Previously, she was the Editor-in-Chief of Ukraine Today, a 24/7 English news network, where her team produced content for a global television and online audience.
● While Yuliya's television career flourished in Ukraine, she did not start here. She grew up in Toronto, Canada, where she studied journalism and communication. She began her career at CTV Newsnet moving on to CNN American Morning in New York City, to this day, she has a beautiful Lhasa Apso dog named Chance from NYC. Having returned to Toronto, she worked as a producer, writer, and eventually a program news editor at CTV, Canada’s largest private network before moving to Ukraine in 2016, and eventually settling there after meeting her husband.
● Yuliya has a passion for moderating events, especially Web Summit in Lisbon and Collision in Toronto, she is a frequent webinar host and co-host of a podcast.

Who should attend the workshop?

The session will be particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs, business leaders, communicators and spokespeople. PR and marketing teams, including media and social media team leads, as well as those responsible for public-facing messaging, will also gain valuable insights from the lecture.


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Lecture recording

$ 39

The cost includes: participation, recording of the lecture, presentation, and handout materials.

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