Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Hanna PlachkovaHead of Global PR at Become

Personal Brand

This lecture will discuss how to build your LinkedIn thought leadership and community, which will become your clients or partners, recommend you to others, engage with your posts, and support you in your goals. We’ll explore 3+1 steps that anyone can take to enjoy the benefits LinkedIn can offer you as a professional, freelancer, or founder.
Lecture will be in English.

What we will cover: 

7 questions that will help you understand your focus and key messages to communicate. 

Why you need to go beyond posting and focus on other people’s content (sometimes even more than on yours). 

How to develop content categories, including tips for writing and visual content.  

What tactics to use to build meaningful connections. 

What this lecture is not about: 

How to become an influencer and get millions of impressions.

How to generate leads. 

Our primary goal is to show and remind ourselves why LinkedIn was created in the first place – building professional connections that matter. And if they matter – they will get you to your objectives. 



Hanna Plachkova

Head of Global PR at Become (Business communication agency)

● Has been working in communications for 9 years in 4 different directions: journalism, marketing, sales, and PR. ● Was promoted to a Head of Marketing position at the age of 23, being the youngest and only female in the leadership team. ● Before joining Become, was a part of GoMage (a 100-person agency in the eCommerce industry) where she was responsible for marketing and later partnerships. She hated inbound marketing (but still had to show results) but enjoyed promoting the company’s brand: - Organized an online conference for 400 participants, featuring speakers from Google and Adobe. - Conducted and released an industry report with established brands on the eCommerce market. - Launched a YouTube channel and other initiatives.● At Become, Hanna now leads the direction of global projects, helping clients develop their personal brands with a focus on English-speaking markets. Most frequently, LinkedIn is one of the key channels.

Who will benefit from the workshop?

● Experts and founders who want to achieve their personal and business goals through LinkedIn
● SMM & PR managers who need to leverage LinkedIn for their clients’ presence
● PR Managers who want to build relationships with thought leaders (in addition to Twitter)
● And even… Salespeople because cold outreach would take you longer to close that deal ;)

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    17 April 202419:00 - 20:30 Kyiv time

    Online в Zoom

    Personal Brand on LinkedIn by Hanna Plachkova


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