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At the workshop "PR Strategy 2024: Effective Planning and Measurement", we will discuss the importance of the connection between planning and measurement in PR. Participants will learn how to develop strategic communication plans that include the goals of the organization and the identification of key stakeholders.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful public relations. PR professionals need to stay on top of the latest industry news, trends, and conversations to ensure their messaging aligns with the current landscape. This is where media monitoring and tracking tools come into play. These tools allow you to monitor online news, social media mentions, and industry-specific publications, providing valuable insights into what is being said about your brand or clients. By tracking keywords, hashtags, and relevant topics, you can identify opportunities for engagement, measure sentiment, and adjust your communication strategy accordingly. Media monitoring tools not only save you time by aggregating relevant information in one place but also help you proactively address any potential issues or crises that may arise.

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    18 January 202417:00 - 21:00 Kyiv time

    Online in Zoom

    "PR strategy 2024: Effective Planning and Measurement" by Julia Petryk


Learning objectives:

Learn about existing methodologies and frameworks for communications planning and measurement

Learn how to use existing methodologies and frameworks for communications planning and measurement

Understand that effective measurement heavily relies on and should come from the planning stage

Learn how to use AI tools for communication planning

Workshop topics:

    Setting measurable comms objectives, SMART/SMARTer and bad objectives

    OKR framework for comms activities

    Stakeholder mapping and SWOT analysis (defining current status, identifying needs, desired perceptions and necessary actions)

    AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework for planning and evaluating communications

Preparation:● Organization objectives● Communication objectives● Strategic inputs● Defining your target audience● Planning your strategy (need to focus more extensively on strategic planning best practices)
Implementation:● PESO-model
Measurement:● Common comms metrics + Media scoring system● Outputs, outtakes, outcomes, impact

    Building action timeline with planned activities

Who should attend the workshop?

The workshop will be beneficial for PR/Comms professionals who want to use a strategic approach to planning PR campaigns based on the business goals of the company and understand how to measure the impact of communication activities on the overall success of the company.



Julia Petryk

Founder Tech PR school, Co-founder PR Army

● Over 15 years of experience in digital PR. Consults startups and international companies.
● Julia has recently led the international PR department of the IT company MacPaw, where she established the PR function from scratch and formed a team.● Achieved hundreds of publications in top global media and built friendly relations with them: Forbes, CNBC, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, The Next Web, The Entrepreneur, Mashable, among others. WIRED even dedicated a part of an article to her.● Julia's projects have repeatedly received professional awards from international peers: PR Daily Award, SABRE Award, AMEC award.● Articles about Julia have been published in WIRED, and she has been interviewed by the British Telegraph.
● Received the "Future is Female" award from Advertising Week and Warner Brothers Discovery.● Named in the list of 25 innovators in PR by PRovoke media — Innovator 25 EMEA 2023.
● Co-founder of PR Army, actively involved in the information front since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, disseminating the truth about events in Ukraine in international media.
● Author of the channel PR_pub
Certifications and Training:● Mini MBA course for busy people: strategy, management, marketing, finance від Pareto Business School, November 2023● Курс "Creating a PR Strategy" from CIPR, December 2022● Курс "Risk issues management and crisis" from CIPR, November 2022● Курс "Reputation management course" from CIPR, October 2022● Курс "Creating Effective PR Strategies and Campaigns" from London School of Public Relations● Курс "Digital Communications" from CIPR, October 2020

Workshop result:

Participants took part in planning PR activities for a fictional company

Participants have access to methodologies and templates that they can use in their work

Participants will have a PR strategy for the year 2024 for a fictional company/case, which they can use as a model in their work


Do you want to process the payment through your company and need to prepare an invoice, or do you have any questions?

Participation 18.01.2024

$ 200

The cost includes: participation, recording of the workshop, presentation, and handout materials.

Participation with consultation.

$ 1000

The cost includes: participation, workshop recording, presentation, handout materials, textual feedback on your PR strategy, and a personal consultation regarding your PR strategy.

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Julia PetrykFounder Tech PR school, Co-founder PR Army

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